RIBA Eye Line Competition Entry

6 May, 2020

Connie, one of our Part II architectural assistants, has entered 3 of her stunning images for her final year project to this year’s RIBA Eyeline competition.

While at The University of Greenwich, Connie was part of Unit 18 run by Pascal Bronner and Thomas Hillier. Unit 18 is passionate about real world issues with a political agenda, and a focus on narrative based architecture. Her project, titled ‘BIG BEEF’, is a narrative exploring a dark potential future for the corporate-controlled meat industry if we continue on our current trajectory. From a very young age, we’re presented with the idea of farms as ‘fairy tale’ places in which animals live in perfect harmony with the farmers. This disavowal of the meat industry allows for a vast segregation between the pasture and the plate, of which ‘BIG BEEF’ intends to draw closer through a fact-based, but fictional narrative.

With the global population predicted to reach 9.7 billion by 2050, the question of how we will feed the world has been haunting us for decades. The amount of meat produced worldwide has increased 4-5- fold since 1961, and current figures tell us that the global production of meat is increasing even faster than the population. Per capita consumption has almost doubled between 1961 and 2013, with increases in developing countries rising at even steeper rates. With the projected population growth and animal protein set to remain part of the global diet, the question arises:

“What will be sacrificed for us and our future meat consumption? The environment, land space or animal welfare?”. The dystopian story of ‘BIG BEEF’ explores the narrative in which animal welfare is sacrificed in aid of efficiency and land space.

The body of work intends to interrogate the way in which the legislation, economics and ethics of the current food system are flawed and initiate an opportunity for discussion of radical change in the way we think about food and sustainability.

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