Concept designs submitted for RIBA competition

27 January, 2016

The competition, commissioned by the Woodland Trust, is for a Visitor Hub in Langley Vale Wood Surrey, the first of four new First World War Centenary Woods across the UK. The key aim of the hub is to attract visitors to the memorial and provide facilities to enrich the experience of those using the wood for recreation and enjoyment. The proposed hub has a simple modular design which offers a stark contrast to its surrounding landscape, but constructed using pre-fabricated recycled panels. The design also incorporates perforated memorial panels and space for public art within and around the building providing interest and intrigue. The visitor hub is accessed via a series of connecting pathways that traverse through the wood, leading up to a viewing platform overlooking the Centenary Wood via a ramp emulating trenches, referencing those that were once constructed on the site to train military personnel for the First World War.

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